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If there is one thing that saddens me the most in my life experiences so far, it’s my lack of travel experience. I have never been outside of the United States! It’s a horrible truth that I struggle with daily. ;) So what can I do to change this? Start setting goals, budgeting, and paying off student loans that weigh me down. Next up, where do I want to go? Stop one: the ROK. *sigh* I would love to teach there but think a visit would be an amazing first step to test the waters of world travel. I am slightly obsessed with Korean culture and would be so pleased to immerse myself in it first hand. Up next is the U.K. I studied 16th century British Literature in college and have dreamed of seeing The Globe theater since I was a little girl. It would be a “full circle” feeling to be in the place that I studied for 4 years.

So there are my first two destination goals: The ROK and The U.K.!

I hope 2013 is the year I break out of the comfort zone and get the opportunity to see a little bit of what the world has to offer.

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